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As a kid I sang along (in gibberish) with Danny Kay, Julie Andrews and Barbara Streisand cassettes constantly rolling in my walkman, and kept these idols very close to heart and ear. 
4 Years ago, after studying in The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and Nissan Nativ Acting Studio, I packed a small luggage and a big dream and came to NYC.

Here, I soon graduated The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, where I worked with some of the best teachers, directors and musicians (Evan Pappas, Catherine Cox, Justin Bohon, Elaine Petricoff, William Cox and more).

After graduating, I was lucky enough, to have been kept busy, and performed in some of the most honorable venues in the NYC- Feinstein's 54 Below, Signature Theater, Connelly Theater, Master Theater, The Metropolitan Room, The Workshop Theater, Hudson Guild Theater and many more.

During The last 6 years, I have performed in a variety of musicals, plays and short films. From Into the Woods through to RagtimeCompany, A Fiddler on the Roof, A Little night music, A Chorus Line, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Three Sisters, Camino Real.
Other than repetory plays and musicals, I love working on new and original works, colaborating, and developing new materials. I had the privilege to take part in new works such as The Nose- A new Family Musical (Kit Goldstein-Grant), A Tale of an Imaginary Bird (Alex Viterri), Memory of a Smile (Derya Celickoland many more.

Especially, in times like these, I find our role as artists, crucial. We must keep creating in order to share our compassion, love, and acceptence. Stand together against injustices, racism, and blindness.
I wish for myself to keep being busy with challenging roles, and keep meeting and working with the talented people I have had the privilege to work with so far.

Photo Credit: Shirin Tinati

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